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Lamika M.
I have to say that I absolutely love Uncle Willie's sweet potato pie. I reminds me so much of my grandmothers pie. I haven't had a pie that matches hers to a T, the way that the sweet potato here has. AMAZING!!

I have seen you many times at the Grand Prairie Farmers Market but never had purchased anything until today.  Oh my gosh!  The Turtle Cheesecake Minis are so delicious!  Absolute heaven!



Marcia J. 
OMG... Just thought I would tell the WORLD that this is the best Peach cobbler that I have ever eaten, and I have had many. Next time we will definitely order the larger pan. Second helpings were in high demand! Thanks!!!

Ralph W.
what a hit you guys were at the family dinner, our Thanks



Cheryl H.
My daughter-In-Law purchased your strawberry cake and it was the best strawberry I have ever put in my mouth!!! We will be back.

Paula K.
Thanks cousin for the cupcakes provided for Baby Taryn Saxon's baby shower. I blinked and they were gone. You are the best. Next up DK3 Graduation 2012.  See ya then & God Bless!!!!!



Annie King and Rev. Arthur M. King 
Your Pies Are The Best.....We Were Given A Sample And It Was Very Delicious!!!  "Very good pies.Keep baking them!!!!!!"

Jennifer C. 
I purchased one of your pecan pies for "Pie Week" at my office in downtown Dallas. We all agreed it was some of the best pecan pie we've ever tasted. I'll definitely be back for more!



Kim L.
I had a taste of the peach cobbler! Being from the South, I'm somewhat of a critic when it comes to our southern desserts! This cobbler far exceeded what I could have imagined! Will definitely order directly from the bakery instead of baking myself!

Barbara W.
My first taste of Uncle Willie's Pies was like heaven on earth. I have a weakness for pastries, so yes I know my cakes and pies. My husband was ill and being a friend and coworker of "Mrs. Uncle Willie", she bought him an apple pie over because it was his favorite. Needless to say it cheered us all up! The crust melted in my mouth and the apples were cooked to perfection. Unfortunately, my husband passed away of his illness and we ordered a dessert for the after-pass. We didn't specify which dessert because we knew whatever it was it was going to be delicious. Uncle Willie delivered a peach cobbler to the church and OMG it was so good. Thank you guys for being there for me. Our family couldn't stop singing praises about your cobbler Uncle Willie.



My family and I visited the Grand Prairie Farmer's Market today, and noticed the Uncle Willies Pies booth right off.  The selection of desserts was great! Ultimately, we decided on pecan pie and the brownie. The pecan pie was EXCELLENT!  The texture of the filling was smooth, and the pecans were just right.....And the brownie  was also VERY GOOD!.....Uncle Willie told us we wouldn't be dissappointed....Boy was he right!  :)....Thank you and keep up the great work.

While visiting Mesquite BBQ, I decided to indulge myself in trying a tasty treat, but I had no idea just how tasty my treat was!  I felt like I had just stopped but my grandmothers house and picked up a down home treat that only a grandmother can give. I instantly became a fan of your pies and there’s no turning back, I am hooked! Your pies are fresh and tasty, from the chess pie, right down to the delicious peach cobbler.  Tasty Treats at it’s best!



Tie Dye Travels by Kat Robinson 
This is an quote from Tie Dye Travels on May 27, 2010 after visiting Big Bruce's BBQ in Dallas, "And then… then there was the buttermilk pie, which I took with me...So, back to that pie. And the pie almost deserves its own entry. Big Bruce’s doesn’t make the pie. It comes from an operation called Uncle Willie’s in Red Oak. First bite was a classic buttermilk pie reaction, that surprise of “wow, is that lemon?” that’s quickly overcome by the creamy texture. But this one was different. It had a nicely salty savory crust, like what you might expect with a pasty or a hand pie instead of a sweet pie. The combination of salty, pumpkin pie-like spice and citrusy buttermilk makes a strongly powerful substance that holds its own in satisfying one’s hunger. It was good enough to be a meal in its own, and it was, somewhere around Arkadelphia."

i just want to say uncle willies your pies are good was at top cat in desoto and pick me up a CHESS PIES it was off the chain now i know where to get my GOOD HANDS ON DESSERT UNCLE WILLIE'S U SERVE A 100% AWARD KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK AND I WILL STOP AT YOUR STORE MAY GOD BLESS YOU UNCLE WILLIE



I was in Top Cat DeSoto after a long day @ work and I saw these delicious looking desserts on the counter and thought I would purchase one. I am pleasantly suprised!!! The pecan pie taste as good as Grandma's!!!! Now I don't have to wait for the holidays for a down home treat!! Keep up the great work!!! God Bless!!!


Erica G.
I was at top cat in Desoto, and was looking for some dessert along with my meal....there I found it...chess pie.  My mom just passed away this September and she was famous for her chess pies.  Curious me, bought one and tasted it, and it brought back so many memories.  It was awesome!...Thank you so much! 

My husband bought a slice of pecan pie at Mansfield's Pecan Festival and, oh my goodness, that was the BEST pecan pie I have ever eaten.  Not to mention some of the nicest people!  I took a little card that had website information on it and kept checking it because the first time I tried to go there it wasn't up yet.  I have had this little card on my desk just waiting for the opportunity to order another one of those pies!  I am so glad to see you are up and running, however, I think I just might take a trip over there this weekend.  You guys are awesome and I hope God blesses your business to overflowing!



My fiance and I stopped into Bayou Catfish in east Arlington.  My fiance has a greater "sweet tooth" than me but I decided to try his peach cobbler.  It was wonderful!  It was sooo good that we decided to buy the only other two cobblers on the counter to take with us on our trip to my mom's house for Thanksgiving.  We ate one on the way and the other was devoured later that night.  We decided that we will order a whole peach cobbler for Christmas.

My mom went to Top Cat in arlington and brought home an individual package of peach cobbler that said Uncle Willies Pies on it. That was the best cobbler I have ever tasted! Every flavor was so beautifully blended that I knew whoever made this knew what they were doing! I normally do not do things like this, but the cobbler was so good that I had to find the website and find out how to order some for the Holidays! Great Work and Good Luck!! ^o^


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600 Methodist St #2110, Red Oak, TX 75154 | 972-576-5582 | hello@unclewilliespies.com

Hours: Tuesday - Friday 11am-6pm Saturday for Pick-up orders 11am-12pm

600 Methodist Street, Red Oak, TX 75154

600 Methodist Street, Red Oak, TX 75154

Uncle Willie's Pies Bakeshop + Catering

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